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Posted by Kerri Leach on 6 February 2013 | 0 Comments

It is every business owner’s ambition for their company to be recognised for what they are good at and their brand to be recognised in a positive manner.

In the age of social media where customers can share their brand experiences with everyone it is really all about how you act day to day as well as how you act when things go wrong.

Starbucks recently angered consumers over paying very little tax even though they have a reputation for treating their staff very well. A social media campaign created after this revelation backfired on a large scale when tweets were inundated with negative comments towards the brand.

With yet more news about ‘Horse meat’ now in Findes ‘Beef’ lasagne we began thinking about whether you can ever really get a good reputation back after incidents like this.

Findes is now trending on twitter with big names including Keith Chegwin, MattLucas, Danny Baker, Lord Sugar, Lilly Allen, Chris Evans and Jack Dee who have millions of followers between them commenting on the scandal. It looks set to not be brushed under the carpet as I’m sure Findes were hoping.

Is your brand reputation as good as it could be and how would you react to a bad incident like this…. Let us know.


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